Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Positive Post Tuesday - #Smile #BeTheLight #Love

While we were shopping this past weekend  for bathing/swim suits and graduation dresses, Bethany and I snapped some random shots. I thought about this yesterday while I was running a few errands. Often I see people that just seem absolutely miserable, they lash out at cashiers and anyone that gets in their way. It's actually quite disappointing at times.

I would like to call all that read this to do something. Even the few readers I have here on the blog can make a difference.

While you are out and about, whether at work, or the gym, or even just shopping. Make a point to #Smile and #BeTheLight. You may even see a reflection of this Light that seems lost at times in this fast paced world we are living in. Smiles,, laughter and kindness are absolutely contagious, God intended them to be. It's amazing how a little #Love can change lives.

Have a great week.

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