Monday, November 7, 2016

Product Review: Adobe PhotoShop Elements 15

I have not had a retail version of any photo editing software in a long time. I actually have used several different open source applications and have always liked the experience within them. That being said, this photo editing software looks to be complete, with nice easy tabs to navigate from a newbie's (Quick) perspective all the way to the Expert's perspective. I was easily able to crop and filter several different photos, as well as export them for the purpose I needed. When comparing it to what I am use to using, it seems to have all of the options and probably more, that I have not found yet. It will be fun experimenting with this application to find all of its hidden gems. I am certain I may only scratch the surface of what this software is capable of.

I would suggest this to a friend that would not be able to make open source work.

You can pick up this software, Adobe PhotoShop Elements 15 on sale right now over at BestBuy.

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*I do have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or it's manufacturer*

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