Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Product Review: Sony Xb80bs Extra Bass Sports Wireless In-ear Headphones

I recently received this pair of Sony Wireless In-ear Headphones, Xb80bs to review. These fit behind the ear very well even with my glasses on. I never have the feeling like they are going to fall off. Sony also send it with it's own pouch for storage and a micro usb charging cable, and four different sized ear bud ends. I love the bass response these headphones have with such a small foot/ear print. I really appreciate the NFC capabilities, you tap your phone on the headphones and the headphones power up and connect to your phone. Controls while listening to music and podcasts are easy to find and easy to use. Call quality is exceptional with out a bunch of background noise being picked up through the microphone. An absolute bonus is their splash resistant housing. I really can only find one negative, and I don't think it is avoidable, when the cable that connects the two earpieces rubs on clothing the noise is transferred into your ear. My resolution, turn up the volume. You can pick up a set of these Sony Xb80bs at BestBuy for $149.99.

I would suggest this item to a friend.

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*I do have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or it's manufacturer*

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