Saturday, January 14, 2017

Product Review: Shark Rotator Lift Away Speed Upright Vacuum in Gray

I have been searching for the perfect vacuum cleaner for quite a while. Let me present you with some detail of our dwelling to help you understand my plight with finding the right vacuum. We own a 150 year old plus home which has four levels if you count the basement. Our floor coverings range from old linoleum, hardwood, ceramic tile, carpet (berber and pile) and cement. All of the three flights of stairs are carpeted. Our ceilings range from 8ft to 10 ft, depending on what floor you are cleaning, and almost all of our windows are dawned with 2 inch wide plantation like blinds. That sets the scene for what I have to clean on a weekly basis. Let me add that we are renovating our Master Bedroom, so there was a constant flow of construction dust while we tested this Shark Rotator Lift Away Speed Upright Vacuum System.

This unit was packaged well, and in more pieces then I figured it would be. But it was super easy to assemble, I didn't even crack the manual. 

One of the first things I notice in a vacuum is it's weight, I'm quite sure it's because the amount of steps I clean weekly, and our original vacuum of 10 years weighed a ton, we will call it the Beast. This unit weighs almost a third of the aforementioned Beast. It's base also has the swivel design making it easy to navigate a house full of furniture. I love the Lift Away feature, it makes doing the crevice work around the living space and stairways so easy, but I did notice while doing this crevice work that the cord seems a little short, I was repeatedly having to search for a closer source of power. Even with the Beast's long cord, I still could not go with out switching power sources. I measured the difference, The Beast's power umbilical is 31 foot, versus the 25 foot of the Shark's, not a huge difference, but enough that I noticed...several times. I appreciate that it has onboard tool storage, the only thing, is that one tool will always feel left out. It only stores two at a time, for us the hardwood attachment is only needed on the first floor anyways, so it will just be left to be lonely. The greatest Feature of this particular vacuum, is it's flexibility, all readily available to you as you are vacuuming. The wand can be used in a short version for steps or you can add the extension wand for cleaning the walls, ceilings, and windows. It also has sufficient suction for a unit that is so small and lightweight. 

I would recommend this unit to my friends, family and Blog Readers.

This unit is available over at BestBuy. It's regular price of $219.99 is affordable, but as I work on this blog post it's on sale for $169.99.

Here are some pictures I snapped once it was assembled.

*I do have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or it's manufacturer*

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