Thursday, March 30, 2017

Product Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

I recently received a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to review. This unit came with an S-Pen and a Samsung
Keyboard/Cover. Opening the box to a glass covered 9.7 inch Android Tablet with specs that deliver was such a pleasure. I have owned several of the lower end Android tablets, so comparing this to them really is like comparing apples to oranges. Starting with it's 4 Gig of ram, you can launch application after application, and switch tasks, and there is absolutely no lag. It's Snapdragon 820 processor is ready at attention to go, when you need the horsepower. This unit is my first Android tablet to have 32 Gigs of memory, which allows me to install pretty much any application I want without worrying about the storage. It also allows for an additional Micro SD Card up to 256 Gb. If you are into using tablets to snap still shots or videos, Samsung did not forget you with this tab S3. It's front camera is a 5 megapixel sensor and it's back camera is a 13 megapixel sensor, and from just playing around with it a little, the captured images and video are outstanding.

Now onto some pros and cons as I found them during my typical use of this device for a week.

  • Keyboard - This unit came with it's Samsung Keyboard Case in Gray. Upon first use, I was afraid it might be too small. But after getting my bear-paw/hand acclimated to it. It is very comfortable to type. I had to adjust how far I reached with my left fingers, each time I went to type a W, I touched the screen, thus disabling the keyboard and looking for more input from the touch screen. But once my reach remained within the keyboards playing field, it has been a pleasure use. I did find one slight caveat, I noticed that when using the physical keyboard, it would not do predictive text or offer spell check. I did some poking around, with this unit being brand new on the market, and in pre-order status, I did not find an isolated resolution. If I am missing a setting please enlighten me and comment with the "Samsung Solution". I did find a work around that works really well. I wish I would have saved the blog that I found it on, so I could give credit where credit is due. Anyways, I downloaded SwiftKey for an additional keyboard, which allows enabling spell checker/predictive text on a physical keyboard. I am pleased to say, I may stick with this work around, due to it working so well. The predictive text appears at the bottom of the screen, within reach of my fingers, so as the choices came up, I can quickly tap them without having to re-home my fingers on the keyboard. I actually appreciate it not being a Bluetooth device, leaving all of it's juice for it's robust processor and beautiful screen. It obtains its connection via a well designed pogo connector at the base of the tablet, and stays attached quite well with some strong magnets. This accessory is an added expense, but I think it is totally worth it if you are looking to make this a portable machine, much like a Chromebook.
  • S-Pen -  This unit comes with the S-Pen and is pretty self explanatory, with the ability to sketch, draw, write or use it as a pointer. If you download an app from Google called Google Hand Writing Input:  You can easily use the S-Pen for every input you do. It's pretty neat, I just don't know if it is completely efficient.
  • Usb-c Charger - This unit is yet another device being powered/charged by a USB type C cable, which offers to top off it's 6000 Milliampere hour battery in rapid fashion.
  • Screen - It's 9.7 inch screen is relatively comfortable size for both tablet use and pc use (with keyboard) even while on your lap. It is very crisp and clear with precise auto brightness function. Some tablets really don't utilize auto brightness very well. I think Samsung got it right this time around.

This unit gets a 5 out of 5 stars, and would suggest it to a friend.

Thanks for reading my review, and have a blessed day!!

This unit is available over at BestBuy.  If your quick, their including a 64Gb Micro SD card with your purchase.

*I do have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or it's manufacturer*

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