Monday, September 25, 2017

Product Review: Logitech - Craft Wireless Keyboard

The Product Review item of the week is the Craft Wireless Keyboard by Logitech.

I am no stranger to wireless keyboards, I have owned several styles as well as several different manufacturers. Logitech has always seem to have the upper end of hardware and software to offer. Here are some of the things I love about this particular unit:

Adaptive Backlit Keys
USB Type C Charger
Unified 2.4 GHz connectivity
Bluetooth connectivity
A pretty small footprint (without a giant chin at the bottom of the keyboard)
Well constructed
Control three items with designated buttons.
Keyboard layout is efficient.
Crown can control things with a spin if the app and os supports it.

Here are three things I dislike:

Sealed unit, not sure what it will be like to replace the batteries when they stop holding a charge.
Hopefully the Crown will gain some profiles for other apps, the only thing it can control on my machine is volume, app switch and switch tabs in Google Chrome. I wish it had a place to store the Mini 2.4 Ghz receiver.

*I do have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or its manufacturer*

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