Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Product Review: Acer 15 Chromebook

This Acer 15 Chromebook is my first of these types of devices. I love the form factor, it has an  decent screen but is not super heavy to carry around. There are a few things I dislike, but let's talk first about what I like. I love the fact that it has a 3950 mAh battery, that specs out at around the 12 hour mark. I did get 11 on my first run down of the system. That is pretty impressive for a 15 inch device. I really appreciate the keyboard's chiclet layout, and the touchpad positioning. I also enjoy the stereo speakers that fire upwards beside the keyboard, they are not of superior quality, but they are great when you are watching Netflix or YouTube. I noticed that it does have an expansion slot for an sd card to provide additional storage if needed down the road. The fact that this unit has the same proprietary chargers as the three  of my other Acer devices is convenient. I noticed also that Acer decided to embed a dual band, robust 802.11 AC Wifi radio. The price point of this device is where it got my attention, $199.99. That is a great price for a decent size all around computing machine.

Now onto the things I feel could be better, the screen is a little washed out, the processor is not a power house, but delivers for most daily tasks, the charger port as I mentioned above is the same as my other three devices, convenient, but really small and feels very fragile. The sd card slot as noted, is a nice feature, but don't plan on leaving the card in there during transportation, when plugged in, it does not sit flush with the side of the chromebook, it stands out about an inch, just waiting to be damaged. It is missing a USB type C port, with more and more equipment removing ports, but including the type c port, I have slowly been acquiring type C adapters that will not work with this device. With all of those downsides, I do have to remember that with the price of this unit those are things I can live with.

This Acer 15 Chromebook is a great unit to get everyday tasks done at an affordable price.

I would recommend this unit to family and friends, searching for a budget minded computing solution.

*I do have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or its manufacturer*

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