While my walk with God and my family's welfare are my first priorities in this life, my current position is Domestic Engineer, as I maintain our households daily needs (Laundry, Cleaning, and Cooking), I am also IT/Network Administrator, Chief Engineer, General Contractor, and General Laborer, of our 160 year old home's renovations.

In my spare time, I blog. As my blog title states, its is a blog of all sorts. It serves as a journal of my life. As I follow Christ; as I attempt to be a better husband, father, brother and son; as I enjoy camping, fishing, singing and blogging; as I learn how to renovate our house and as I share my infatuation with technology; I am always open to new challenges.

With so many opportunities in life, both my wife and I are blessed that one of us is able to embrace the best opportunity of all, raising our children. I have created this Resume Page simply to compile my experiences, virtues, and strengths for reflective purposes. As our journey continues, this may be an avenue to our next opportunity.