Friday, June 12, 2009

CT 2009 Trip 2 Day 1 'Ohio Welcomes Us'

Good morning. We made it to our destination. It rained the whole way here and stopped when we arrived. So we did not completly soaked setting up a rough camp for one nights sleep. It rained off and on throught the night. We will set up uhe rest this morning, it currently is not raining. It is awesome waking up to a view of the lake. In that far loop(where we camped last year) there were only a handful of sites the can you can actually see the lake from. Most of them are premium sites and have to be reserved 6 months ahead of time. We are not sure what we are doing 6 weeks in advance let alone 6 months. Lots of boats fishing early this morning, With any luck we will be on one of them(ours) early tomorrow morning. So I think I hear Bridget stirring, best to get her before she wakes Bethany. Bethany goes from sweetheart to crank in nothing flat if she does not get enough sleep. Thanks for
visiting and have a full of fun Friday! God Bless!

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