Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer ‘09 in Photos 6/87 “Prep”

I have been preparing for Camping Trip 2009 Trip 2. The girls and my clothes are packed as soon as Brenda packs hers they will go in the camper. That is the only thing that needs to go in the camper. The boat is ready with its cover on. And all of the stuff on the back of the camper will go into the van tomorrow afternoon along with our coolers.
Notice the bike rack on the camper. It was given to us by Brenda’s Aunt and Uncle. They bought an apartment on wheels, I mean a camper that came with the bike rack. They did not plan on using, so asked if we would? It’s a four hundred dollar rack. I wish it held four bikes, but it works. When we are taking the boat, Brenda’s and my bike go in it, if we don’t bring the boat I have a bike rack that can go on the back of the van when towing the camper.

If it looks tight in our garage, it is. We are actually very lucky to be able to park the boat, the camper, the lawn mower and both vehicles in our garage. I know it will prolong the life span of all items mentioned. I even have room on the other side of my van for a fridge that is usually stocked with beer water, and popsicles. Our garage actually has a basement, but It is a mess currently, I need to purge most of the stuff that is down there. One of these days I will get to that.
For Camping Trip # 2, we are going to Pymatuning Ohio State Camp Ground. We went there several times last year and loved it. We are excited that we will be able to camp in the middle loop this year. Last year only the third loop, the loop farthest away from the lake was the only pet friendly loop. They ran a pilot program last year towards the end of the year to allow pets in the middle loop to see it the pets would keep the geese from crapping all over the camp grounds. It must have worked. Hurray! With a little planning we should be able to acquire a site right on the shore, not this time though.

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