Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer ‘09 in Photos 4/87 “Folding”

This morning was a quiet one, Bethany had a sleepover last night at a friend’s house and was not due back until around 11:00. Bridget and i had some breakfast and started knocking out some laundry. I must of tweaked something in my back either working on the cars Saturday or playing around at Harry and Karen’s house on Sunday, I was looking for a little relief by laying on the floor for a moment after lugging a load of clean towels from the basement and Bridget asked, “Dad, can I help fold them?” I thought a little and said, you can fold them all. After all, towels and wash cloths are the perfect item of laundry to learn how to fold, and they don’t have to be perfect.  Here she is with her pile:

Later in the afternoon, I was folding some of my T-shirts and again she asked to help. I showed her how to do one, and she was off. I’m liking this, do you think she is old enough for the riding mower? The lawn is one of my least favorite things to do anymore.

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