Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodbye Romy…

We did not plan on having to take Romy to an Emergency Animal Hospital last night. But we did.
We did not expect to get bad news when the doctor explained her findings. But we did.
We did not plan on our Awesome Dog Romy having to stay the night at the hospital. But she did.
We did not plan on how different the house was, without her bedtime and morning routine. But it was.
We did not plan on how empty our bed felt without her snuggled into one of us during the night. But it was.
We did not plan on more bad news this morning that the meds really had not improved our outlook for our poor Romy girl. It hurt, to the bone.
We did not plan on us having to say goodbye, so early, to such an awesome dog. But, we will this afternoon.
We can not plan on how we will console our little girls hearts when they break because their best friend is gone. But we will do our best, with God’s help.
We did not plan on missing you so soon, Romy. But, We do and will forever.
These are some things we did not plan, but God did.
It’s all his plan.
We just have to recognize it.
Even when it breaks our hearts.
It’s all his plan.
Oh how appropriate, after reading Plan B by Pete Wilson.
This truly has been one of the hardest decisions we have had to make.
Please continue to pray for us.

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