Sunday, January 9, 2011

Capturing The Moment

I was going through photos from the archive and found a folder full of shots I took in attempt of capturing “The Moment”. These three following photos will appear later in the year, in my Project 365:

Lots of things have crossed my mind while I browsed these photos. Why did I use the dirty fireplace for a back drop. We had a nice chair, a couple of decent couches, we even had nice new blue carpet with freshly painted walls. Anything would have been better than the dirty fireplace. Though this is a good point to bring up it is not what this post is about. It is about the patience one must have while trying to capture that special moment. Here are some fun shots I got while waiting patiently. Below each photo I included a caption. I know this is a longer post than I usually do, but stick with it until the end, it is worth it.

Bridget, please do not stick your tongue out.

Girls….*insert sigh here*  What are you looking at, anyways?

Hmmm, Bethany your not listening. I see a pattern developing.

Looks good, if I was behind the other camera.
*Note to self: never have more than one camera at a photo shoot.

Over here Bethany…..

The beginning of Hug Fest 2003

how cute…

it looks a little lopsided…

Bethany, I think your sister has had enough…

Bethany finishes the hug and Bridget shakes it off...

This is similar to having more than one camera at a photo shoot.
* Note to self: don’t have more than one photographer. *insert sigh here*

Sometimes the help needs a little more training, could you please get out of the way…(love you honey!)

and you will always have wardrobe malfunctions.

over here, Bridget…

where are you going, Bethany?

Bethany looks a little bored….

I think she may have come up with something.
oh yes, you can see it in her eyes…

You saw it coming, didn’t you??

Hundreds of photos later a couple worth printing a sticking on the fridge…
Thanks for enduring my long post.
Have a blessed week!

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