Monday, January 24, 2011

Prayer Request…

Yesterday we had a get together at a local establishment. It was to visit with a cousin-in-law(CIL) that was here for a short visit from Italy. Another CIL approached me and another CIL and mentioned that he has been praying for our kids. That they would have friends, teachers, and other influences that would be positive and encouraging, in this broken world we live in. That touched my heart tremendously. Here we go:

  • Inspired by Bryan, Thanks Bro. Pray for the children in your life, in your brother’s life, in your sister’s life, in your cousin’s life, in your friend’s life, in your neighbor’s life, in a stranger’s life. You get the point. Every child on this earth needs our prayer.
  • Pray for our Church. Valencia Presbyterian is going through some changes again. We are blessed to have an interim pastor and a great team searching for our permanent Pastor. The leaders and the congregation of our church need our prayers during this time of transition.
  • Pray for Pastor Gary and Bev Weston. He retired as pastor of our church last summer and we miss him and the great sense of peace he brought to our church. Pray for peace and fulfillment during this time of retirement as he spends more time with his family.
  • Continue to pray for Joanne Heim, see *update* below.

Update from last week.

  • Joanne Heim has had some miraculous positive progress this week. Go here Joanne’s Blog to see the details. Praise The Lord.
  • Our friend’s that lost their step father are getting back to a routine but continue to pray for their mom as she is adjusting to life with out her husband.

I appreciate all that visit and participate.

Peace and Grace,


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