Monday, February 21, 2011

A Church Adventure – Week 1

This week our Church Adventure began, unfortunately I had to fly solo, because of another illness in the Hill household.
I feel the need to repeat something I think I may have glossed over in my previous post. Valencia Presbyterian Church (VPC) will most likely always be our home church. This adventure we are taking, is about showing the girls the diversity of Christ’s followers, experiencing other denominations and there different traditions in worship service. We are not dissatisfied with our church, nor are we looking to change churches. We just wanted to mix things up and educate the girls. This will not be a sounding board, to criticize these churches we visit. Who am I, to say anything negative about a church when visiting for just one or two times. I also will refrain from naming the churches we visit, for obvious reasons. This is not about the particular churches we are visiting, its about what we as a family of Christ’s followers, experience during this adventure. (Of course if you ask in a private message, email or or in person I will gladly disclose the information.) Lastly, as sticking to my one word for 2011, Positive, I want to keep this positive and encouraging.
I know Brenda has a few churches in particular that she wants to visit, but as for me on this Sunday morning, my decision was determined greatly by the fact that I needed to shop at the two big box home improvement stores within a mile from the church. So the one I chose was a non denominational, large church. Did I say LARGE? It had a ton of stuff to offer families, including a play area for the kiddos, resembling the play areas in Chuck E. Cheese or Fun for All, they also had lots of classrooms, a book store, a coffee shop and a very modern sanctuary/auditorium with a stage and all of the state of the art technology as well. The music/Praise Band was great and had me clapping along and moving a bit in my personal space. Being a Presbyterian, this was quite different from our worship style. We are referred to as "The Frozen Chosen" for a reason. I left humming the last tune we sang and it also was stuck in my head while I shopped for my supplies. The other thing I thought was amazing, was the pastor encouraged us to use our cell phones by doing a poll via text votes. We watched live as the results came in. Being the technology junkie I am, that was amazing!!Overall I believe we as a family will return there, for the girls to experience the BIG church atmosphere. It was a great first day of our Church Adventure.
Thanks for visiting.
Everyone have a blessed week!

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