Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Church Adventure

This is the church we attend regularly. We are members of this church, Valencia Presbyterian. This is our home church and we love the people that make it what it is. 

Recently we have gone through some changes, like all churches do. Our Pastor retired last July, and we now have an interim Pastor to walk and guide us through this transition period that may take up to two years. 

In the last year both Brenda and I have stepped back from being as involved, to take a moment, mostly to worship as a family. You see, for several years Brenda and I both sang and the girls were in the congregation sitting with friends or other adults. I will speak for myself here, I have enjoyed the past few months of worshiping together. 

On to the title of this post, "A Church Adventure". Brenda and I were talking last week about how this could be an awesome opportunity to visit other churches, experiencing with the girls the different styles of worship, and different denominations. We prayed about it all week and decided jointly that it was a go. 

We still plan on financially supporting our home church and will be fulfilling all of our obligations we have there. We are looking forward to and plan on blogging about this great adventure. Thanks for visiting.

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