Saturday, February 5, 2011

RTH – Living Room, Dining Room and Entry Way Renovations Part 3

Fireplace, Cabinets, Closet and more...

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but I didn't think it was way back in September. Click here to see part 2 if you missed it. I try to make these videos short, but it is hard. This one tally’s up to almost 6 minutes. I know for myself I am lucky if I get through a 3 minute video online. So if for some reason you don’t have time nor the energy to last through the video jump below it. I posted some pictures there of our progress. There are some outtakes at the end of this episode. Enjoy!!



Above, is what the fireplace looked like once we opened up the fireplace.


This is a close up of the firebox floor. It was actually cracked right down the middle where the gas line was. I imagine that the gas line most likely fueled some sort of parlor heater. I also imagine that every room in the house has a similar set up. All of our rooms have what looks like fireplaces. Most of them are closed up but it would probably be how they heated the rooms back in the day.


This is after we installed the slate tile but before I grouted. I have to mention that our intention is not to use this fireplace conventionally. We will never set fire inside of it. I capped off the inside and insulated where the flew would be so our heat stays in our house. A reminder that the only reason we touched this was because the floor was patched in front of it. Brenda will probably use it for some sort of decorations.


Here is the surround unpainted and with out the embellishment/accessory under the mantle.


The mantle up close. I used several different pieces of moulding/molding to build up to the depth and detail that we desired. Then capped it of with a board of poplar. Both Brenda and I were amazed at how much the material just for this little project cost. I give Brenda all of the credit for design, she is amazing!

IMG_0004 IMG_0003IMG_0004 (2)

 IMG_0002 (2) IMG_0007 (2)

Here is the finished product.

IMG_1882 (2)

Notice where the piano is, below it is gone and there is the closet we built.



I rebuilt the lower portion of this cabinet to lower the original doors to the hard wood floor. Once the carpet was lifted an inch gap was left under each side.


Just one of the forty some pieces of hardware that I wire brushed all of the coats of paint off of. We love the old vintage metal finish.

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