Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prayer Request

I missed an opportunity yesterday to post. So here it goes:

  • Pray for Bakerstown’s Mission Team traveling to Honduras on Thursday. A family friend, Cathy and our retired, Pastor Gary will be going. Please pray for safe travels and God’s work to be done during this trip. The mission travels to Honduras and provides medical care and other support to the poor and needy.
  • Please pray for our family’s health. We have had a string of illness from the common cold, conjunctivitis, the stomach bug, to overall having some of those winter blues. If you follow me on twitter or on Facebook you know that Bridget is home with the stomach thing. Poor little girls was up most of the night throwing up like her sister, Bethany was last Thursday night. Although it is nice to see the sun shining through our windows I would like the temps to be spring like as well. I can’t wait to do some camping. I guess I got a little bit of cabin fever.
  • Pray for those that have lost loved ones. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend has lost her father to cancer Monday evening. Pray for peace during this difficult time for Holly and her family. Also,  an acquaintance of mine via Twitter has lost his Grandma this week. Pray for Ben Davis and his family as they mourn this loss and will be traveling.
  • Thanks for all the prayers.
    Peace and Grace,

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