Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RTH – 1st Floor Hardwoods - Update: Almost Finished…

The end of last week and beginning of this week, I hustled to get the finishing touches complete. This included the installation of the shoe moulding, painting the baseboard and touching up. Here are some pictures of those things complete.

Entry Way

Dining Room Storage

Living Room Register

Note: That rock rug will not be staying there, it is just to protect the floor until we find a new carpet we like.

Note: The lamp will be going away as well. It is way too contemporary.

Living Room.
Yesterday I brought the Dining room table back in from the garage.

Today I hung the curtains. It is really coming together.

Note: There is no chandelier. When we finished the attic, we found one circuit of knob and tube and had to deactivate it for safety. Eventually we hope to be able to rewire it via Bethany’s floor. Brenda has an idea for in the meanwhile, and I will show you later what we come up with as we decide.
As you can see, Georgie likes the new furniture. We also need some end tables and a coffee table and some decore. We will be looking for some of these things that are period to the age of the house at some estate sales and antiques stores.
So my favorite thing about this renovation is the fireplace. I am just surprised that we were able to do that. It is more than I ever expected.

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