Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Church Adventure: Week 3

Well, we have decided to return again to our home church this weekend. We traveled yesterday to celebrate Megan, Jesse and Lilea’s life, as they prepare to journey to Hawaii as Jesse will be serving our country stationed in Oahu. We feel a bitter sweet about their departure. It is such a wonderful opportunity for them, but we will miss them. Our girls just love to play around with Lilea and will be missing her greatly. This will be there last Sunday worshipping with our church for a while. So we decided it would be nice to be with them this Sunday. Please keep the Scott family (Megan, Jesse and Lilea) in your prayers as they begin an adventure of a life time. Pray for traveling mercies as Jesse leaves this Friday and Megan will be leaving in a couple of weeks, Pray for Jesse while he will be pursuing this new exciting career, Pray for Megan as she juggles the final phases of this move while taking care of a little precious two year old. Pray that Lilea will have an unforgettable adventure with her awesome parents! Pray for their family and friends as well during this difficult time of saying farewell.
We pray that we will blessed to meet again with this amazing family in the future.
If you voted last week on my logo, Thanks. Obviously, logo #2 won.
I’m will be praying this morning that everyone of my blog readers, including you, have a wonderfully blessed week.
Let’s go and make a difference!

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