Friday, March 4, 2011

RTH – First Floor Hardwoods - Update: Finish Coat, Baseboard and Registers

For this update, I flash back to Friday one week ago.
The girls went back to school after being sick last week, yuck. I spent all of that day applying our poly urethane on our hardwood floors. We chose Min Wax’s Oil Modified Water Based Poly Urethane with a satin finish. Again I was surprised at the odor, and how it was not obnoxious, it was a little stronger then the stain, but not really too bad. This by far was the most challenging step in this process. The manufacturer suggests three coats because of its water base. I ended up at four, solely because I had some flaws in the third coat that needed some attention. When the label states “fast-drying”, they mean it. I applied it with a 7 inch lambs wool applicator attached to a broom handle (a suggestion by the Lowes paint/stain department). It states on the can to maintain a wet edge while applying, I pondered before applying as to what exactly they were referring to. Remember, this is the first time I have ever used a water base finish. I have only used oil based and that was only once maybe twice if you include wood shop in junior high school. I now know what that meant. As applying the finish, I could rework one stroke width and anything more was already tacky or drying. You have to move quickly and deliberately with this stuff. All in all, the floor is awesome, not flawless, but for my first time doing it. Brenda and I are completely satisfied with how it finished(literally speaking). I worked on finishing into Saturday and was done by noon. Sunday was a day of rest, ( boy, did my body need it) and a birthday celebration of a very special one year old!
Insert picture of finished floor here:
 March 3, 2011 002
Monday, I started to work on our 100 year old floor registers.
These had about four coats of paint on them. They are heavy duty, I have referred to them as World War II tank steel, fabricated into floor registers. I cannot imagine what it would cost to replace these with ones similar. I have seen floor registers in Lowes and Home Depot, I fear that they would not last a week in our house. So with that said, I spent all of my Monday wire brushing floor registers. It was a challenge to get the paint out from between the louvers. But with a small screwdriver and some patience, I was able to get most of it. I applied primer, several coats of primer and 3-4 coats of Rust-Oleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint. Here is the finished product:
March 3, 2011 007
Tuesday and Wednesday I installed baseboard. We chose a traditional styled, tall, composite, did I say tall. 7 1/4 inches high. Here are some pictures:
March 3, 2011 003
March 3, 2011 004
March 3, 2011 005
Yesterday I had a day of rest, helping my Dad get back and fourth for eye surgery. His surgery went well and my body received the rest well. I was able to get the shoe moulding painted yesterday afternoon, so today I will be receiving our new furniture and then installing shoe moulding. Then a much needed weekend! Next week I will be painting baseboard and any other touch up areas and then reclaiming the space….woot!!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our progress. It’s really coming together. Have a fantastic weekend!!

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