Saturday, March 5, 2011

Contagious (Video)

Good Saturday Morning to all. I woke up early (5am) as usual, this morning. I was reading some of my feeds and almost skipped over this video, I was wanting to zip through stuff this morning, in hope of either getting some these everlasting final touches completed on our renovations or maybe dragging my family to some estate sales before going to a farewell bash for some dear friends from church. I’m am so thankful I watched it. I found it over at Church Crunch a great site, worthy of a luck. This video proves that laughter is absolutely contagious. Just 11 seconds in, I was laughing hysterically, and of course our other early bird of the house, Bridget, was soon looking over my shoulder and joining in with laughter.  Laughter is a gift from God, and was created to be contagious…

Go laugh this weekend!!
For rss readers that are not showing the video, here is the link:

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