Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random: An eve at the Circus.

Here are some shots I took at the Shrine Circus last night with my phone.

Now if I could just get Lori(my mother in law) to look at me…

I love that I can do panoramic shots with my phone. Click it for more detail.

There is a ton of rigging for the circus. It was a great evening.

To top the night off,  as we were leaving we had a beautiful view of Pittsburgh’s skyline. The Pirates/PNC Park set off some fireworks. We could see them between the buildings. What amazed me was as we were driving across the bridge on rt. 579, there were a bunch of cars stopped and pulled over to watch the fireworks while everyone else sped past at 60 mph. I don’t think that was a very smart thing to do, so the girls got a glimpse of them as I safely navigated through their recklessness.
  • What is your fondest memory of the circus?

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