Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Church Adventure: Week 8

Last week Brenda had an insane work schedule which included a long day on Saturday. She was extremely tired once Sunday arrived so she slept in, Bethany decided she would keep her company while Bridget and I ventured out to a Baptist church just north of where we live.
At this Church we experienced a small, diverse congregation, lead by a very young pastor. It was a refreshing sermon about being a peacemaker. The congregation was very friendly, the music was very traditional and okay, the pastor just about insisted that we stay for a luncheon they were having. We did not stay but it was a nice gesture.
We actually belong to this communities pool and was surprised that we did not see at least a few familiar faces. This congregation was not as flamboyant as I remember once when I visited another Baptist church as a teenager with my parents. Bridget liked the service, but did not like the pews. They were solid wood with no cushions…I told her that was just incase you came to church sleepy. I thought it was funny that she pointed that out. Thanks for visiting.
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