Thursday, April 7, 2011

Vagrant & Dirty

Okay, I have never had a beard or any facial hair left on my face for any amount of time. I take that back I had a soul patch for a month or so, but I thing that most people just thought I was not cleaning my face very well.
So this year for NHL playoffs I decided I would go ahead and grow a playoff beard. Because I have never done this before, I decided I would get a head start a couple of days ago. Is that cheating??
Yesterday, the family and I attended G.R.O.W. at church and on the way home, Brenda asked what was the crap on my face all about. Then she said, “you look like a vagrant”. Needless to say you can tell she is not fond of facial hair what so ever. This may have something to do with the fact that in almost 39 years I have never had beard.
This morning the girls were getting ready for school, I reminded them that we would be eating early and going to their Open House early to try to beat some of the crowd. Bethany then looked at me and said could you shave and get a hair cut for tonight, I don’t want people to think we are dirty

So I took the hint from my 10 year old and shaved and went to get a hair cut this afternoon.

I hope they are both happy.
I am still going to work on the playoff beard, even if I look like a Dirty Vagrant.
I do love my girls honesty.

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