Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Church Adventure: Week 7

This week we ventured over to Wexford to attend a 9am Sunday Morning service at a very popular, inter-denominational, mega church. Overall it was a good experience. The music was all contemporary, and well balanced. The talent that was on stage was amazing. The message was compelling, the pastor had a way of connecting with you, during his sermon. The programs this church offers is astonishing. Their weekly calendar gave me heart burn, not that the calendar was a bad thing, it was just overwhelming for myself. If we were looking for a new church, which we are not, where would we start getting involved in a church this large?
One thing I love about our little church in Valencia, is the closeness. Everyone knows your business.If you we miss a week, friends and other members ask why we were absent. You know, getting all in your business, making sure everyone is alright. I know these larger churches do this usually by branching off into many smaller groups during the week and that is a good way to be closer. The one thing I notice when visiting larger churches is we are able to slide into and out of a service with out being noticed. I want to feel welcomed. Not that we did not feel welcomed, a greeter pleasantly welcomed us in to the lobby, many other worshippers acknowledged us with friendly hello’s and such.
A note of reflection after reading this for myself. I, in no way am criticizing this church we attended, I have no grounds to, being we only went once. I guess I just like the close knit feeling at our Home Church, VPC.
What do you like about your “Home Church”?
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