Friday, May 6, 2011

Celebrating a Birthday

On this past Tuesday, we celebrated a Birthday and reflected on one year of time. Last year on that day we said goodbye to Romy, a great dog and member of our family.

Last fall we rescued and welcomed Georgie another great dog as a member of our family.

When Georgie arrived, we did not know his age or his birthdate. So we figured celebrating it on the day that Romy passed would be a perfect way of remembering Romy and celebrating Georgie. Here is a picture of Georgie eating his carrot cake muffins with vanilla yogurt on top.

He loved them. I’m not sure how I was talked into making them for him, but I did.
Here is the link for the recipe of dog friendly cake I found:
Rescuing an animal can be challenging, you don’t know their whole story. But Georgie is the second dog we have rescued, and it has been a successful adoption. Here are a few things we did know when we met him, he was a very friendly dog, the owner we acquired him from had rescued him a few years prior to us, from a life of being tied up in a garage for several years. They thought he was full blooded Bishon Frise, our vet thinks he has to have some poodle in him. It truly does not matter to us, we enjoy his company no matter what kind of mutt he is…
Here are few things we have learned about him since we have had him. He is a wonderfully patient dog, he allows the girls to do just about anything to him, especially if it involves food or affection. He appreciates any kind of attention that involves touch. He is not very vocal, we had him three weeks before we heard his first bark. Now he will only bark if he his playing or sees some one outside that he is not familiar with. He does not lick humans(that just sounds funny, but it is true) He loves to interact with other dogs. We have a neighborhood boxer, that roams around and they will play on occasion. It’s fun to watch with their size difference.
All in all, we are so happy he is part of our family and hope he enjoys camping as much as Romy did.
Thanks for visiting the blog, and have a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day Weekend!

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