Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Church Adventure: Week 12

I should have posted this last week, the emotions I felt at this worship service would have flowed better in my writing. Two Sundays ago, on May 8th, we visited a non denominational Church, in a small town north of where we reside. We were pleasantly surprised by how full the sanctuary was, and then even more surprised by the  music presented by Light of the City from Pine Valley Camp. Here is a paragraph from their website:
Pine Valley Camp is a place where urban and at-risk children can experience real life change.  Our dedicated staff is committed to loving these children through their pain. In our safe and family-like atmosphere of camp, we have the privilege of witnessing God transform the heart of a child.
Their music and message sent chills down my back, gave me goose bumps on my arms and made tears flow from my face. It was what I call a “God Movement”. I love that feeling of His presence. He continues to move me in a direction, I’m not sure where that direction will lead me in the end, but He does and that gives me a sense of peace. It’s His plan. After this service I do believe that God's direction involves music in some shape or form, I connect with it. I miss participating in leading worship by singing in the Praise team, but I know that I needed this break with my family, worshipping with them has been so refreshing. Time for reflection is what I need/needed. I won't be surprised if Brenda and I return to the Praise team eventually, we really do enjoy singing together.
Ultimately I can feel God's hands moving me to something more, maybe elsewhere in the community, to Praise Him and all he has done. I will continue to open my heart and mind to His plan.
How have you felt God’s presence lately??
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