About Me

Let us cover the obvious, my name is Bryan Hill, and welcome to my Blog!

While my first two priorities are my walk with God and the welfare of my family, my current position is Field Service Technician with RTR Business Products, Inc. I had a wonderful opportunity to raise our girls and stay at home with them for almost 18 years. It was the experience of a lifetime. I recently took a step back into the working world and am loving mostly every minute of it.

In my spare time, I blog. As my blog title states, this is a blog of all sorts. It serves as a journal of my life. As I follow Christ, as I attempt to be a better husband, father, brother and son; as I enjoy camping, fishing, singing and blogging; as I learn how to renovate our house and as I share my infatuation with technology; I hope you enjoy this little space of mine. 

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