Friday, September 9, 2011

Product Review: LG LBC2250SB Refrigerator

I feel the need to start this review with the fact that we have always bought whirlpool appliances. They have always been very reliable and very inexpensive to repair when needed. With that said, when our 12 year old whirlpool refrigerator started to show symptoms of quitting on us, we did think about getting it fixed, but decided it was time to replace it. Whirlpool’s current line of refrigerators receive quite poor consumer reviews online. LG’s on the other hand were receiving outstanding consumer reviews online. Home Depot had this refrigerator (LBC2250sb) that we liked online, they had free delivery and it was in our price range. Brenda and I are very visual, so we had to physically look at it before we purchased anything. We set out to all our appliance stores in our area and finally were able to leave our finger prints (literally) on this model at BestBuy.


We liked what we saw, but they were not offering free delivery, until we mentioned that we would get free delivery if we bought the same exact model from Home Depot.

We are very satisfied with this purchase. We increased our size by only 1 cubic foot, but it seems like it is huge. The fact that a large pizza box, large cookie sheet will fit, and I don’t have to bend over to make sure it is in that perfect position so the door will shut, like we had to do in our old one, is fantastic. It’s compartments in the door are big and can be moved to your liking. It’s door alarm is slick and has been utilized several times already. The Ice Plus feature is benefit as well. It increases ice production for a 24 hour period, incase your consuming large amounts of ice. The freezer drawer is sufficient, it definitely is slightly smaller than our old one. I am glad we have a stand alone freezer in our basement for our larger frozen goods and ice cream stash.

There is one thing I am not super fond of. The finish on the doors/front of the unit. We chose black because that is what all of our other appliances are. I really like that they all match, but I am constantly wiping down the front of the doors and cringe when I see my girls leaving their finger prints all over it…what can I say, I’m ocd when it comes to that stuff. It provides a laugh for the family as I am constantly polishing the darn thing….*sigh*

Keep in mind we have only had this unit for three/four weeks, so the verdict had not quite been reached. I will try to do a follow up review in 6 months or so to reveal the full verdict…

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