Monday, September 5, 2011

Product Review: Microsoft/Sharp Kin Two M

kin two m
In May I researched phones as my cell phone contract through Verizon Wireless was enabling me and my wife an upgrade. I chose the Microsoft/Sharp Kin Two M. It did not receive very good reviews…but I decided to take a chance with it, knowing that my enV touch and original enV still work and can be my back ups, if need be. This phone’s features were amazing, with wi-fi, an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus, the ability to record video in HD and a stand alone email program built in. It was worth taking the chance on it. After having the phone a month, I did really like this phone. It took every bit of that month to get used to the Microsoft operating system, a very unique and very different menu system from the standard Verizon phones. Unfortunately this phone has one big deficit, it won’t connect to anything “Verizon”. When I say that I mean the applications, like Back Up Assistant, VZ navigator, and other basic apps, that my friend stinks. Especially when it seemed once a month it would need reset, which in turn meant you had to enter all of your contacts back in, manually. The phone would go into this state of cycling power every once and again, so a software reset would be required. Then the speaker at the headset would not work, which in turn was the point of return. I spoke to a Verizon Wireless spokesman and they agreed it was a problem, but there were none to replace it. At this point they offered the Samsung Intensity II as a replacement. It really was not equivalent, feature wise, but at this point I needed a reliable phone. All of those fancy features were just that. An actual equivalent phone, would be a smart phone and I refuse to participate in paying for data twice. I am mostly home and already pay for data here…
I took a chance on the Kin Two M and loved it’s features, just not it’s failure to cooperate with it’s user…
In a month or so I will review the Samsung Intensity II. So far it is a rock solid, simple phone, with a full keyboard.
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