Monday, February 20, 2012

A Church Adventure: Week “52”

It’s so funny how God works things out with such precision. I truly believe that this weeks happenings in our lives have been, by design, His design!
If you are reading this series of blog posts for the first time, I will do a quick recap. I also encourage you to look at my initial post here.
Our Church went through some changes in the past year and a half. Through these changes both Brenda and I felt it was a great opportunity to venture out with our girls and show them how other Christians worshipped our God. This adventure started exactly one year ago. It was such a refreshing step in our Faith walk and we actually recorded it on this blog. You can read it all here.
I have been taking a little break from writing here and the past few weeks I have felt God urging me to get back into the groove of expression here on this blog. I also have been reflecting on prior posts, and comments. I remember many encouraging comments I received here, on facebook and twitter, but one from a friend really got my attention. Here it is:
Love that you guys are doing this! Bravo! Very cool indeed. Because my wife and I travel a lot and minister in all sorts of churches--from old-school Baptist to mega-church Charismatic--we've developed a deep love for the Bride of Christ, no matter the "flavor of ice cream." Blessings!
That explains it quite well, the Bride of Christ, no matter the “flavor of the ice cream.”
Back in October, our Church was well on our way to having a new Pastor. Everything fell into place, (I did not expect anything less for His plan).
December 1st, 2011 we were blessed with the calling of our new pastor. This transition, could have proved challenging given the seasons craziness, but it truly could not have gone any better. We feel very blessed to have our new Pastor and his family be part of our congregation. God is Good!
Brenda and I began to sing again after the new year. We aren't singing every week, we are just doing special music, every once in a while, enabling us to worship together as a family but still Glorify God with the talents he has given us. It makes my heart smile to be able to sing His Praises once again and to be able to serve along side of my best friend, Brenda, is an awesome bonus!!
This last month we have been reading a book in Sunday School, Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, and in GROW (Get Renewed on Wednesdays) our small group is studying how to determine our own Personality Style/Traits, Spiritual Gifts, and Passions. Both of these studies require a lot of introspection, which I find very challenging. They are definitely creating some inner dialogue which is a sign of growth for me. For quite a while, I feel I was just going through the motions. I have been inspired in the last few months, directly resulting from what is going on in our Church. I feel re-energized, which I pray, will help me refocus, with my family, on our adventure of Faith in God.
So there you have it, an update on our Church Adventure that still continues. You will still see posts of A Church Adventure, the main difference is it will be via our home sanctuary VPC, unless we are traveling or camping.
Speaking of camping T-minus 95 days until our first camping trip of 2012.
I would love this blog to become more interactive, so, here is a question of my readers:
What makes your heart smile?
Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a blessed week!
For those of you wondering what this adventure is all about click on the following link: Church Adventure Begins
For all of the posts on our adventure go here: A Church Adventure.

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