Saturday, July 21, 2012

RTH–Main Bathroom

I can’t even remember when I started this bathroom project, and I really don’t even remember when I finished it. It didn’t take very long. (I still need to go over it with touchup paint in some spots to actually label this project as completed.) Anyways it’s been a while…
This bathroom serves as our main bathroom, but as soon as I renovate our old computer room into our master bathroom, this will become mainly the girls bathroom.
Here are some shots of it after I removed the wallpaper. The line about 2/3’s of the way down the wall is where the previous owner of our house placed a small chair rail, it hid the seam of two different patterns of wallpaper. I know I have mentioned before my extreme dislike of wallpaper, but two different patterns on one wall…Really?? The only thing I like about wallpaper is removing it!

Notice the slot I cut between wall studs towards the bottom of the wall. I did this to check for clearance of a cabinet we desperately needed in our bathroom. I deliberately placed it low so it would be hidden by the new baseboard I would be installing later. I found no obstructions which enabled Brenda to go fourth with the design of this mini build. If you look close just to the left of the said clearance checking slot, you see a cut in the drywall. Here is the history of this drywall repair.

As you can see there was only storage under the sink in the bathroom. Brenda came up with a great design and I implemented it.

We bought three 12 inch deep, 12 inch wide, 30 inch tall, kitchen wall cabinets, that were oak from our favorite store Lowe’s. I cut the dry wall between the wall studs from floor to ceiling, built up one side with some framing and stacked all three cabinets and fastened them to the studs and framing. I then sided the cabinets with some thin oak plywood so the seams are hidden and applied wood putty to hide said seams even better. We then installed new baseboard and primed and painted it all.

After installing the shoe moulding and getting some new linens, we are both very satisfied with the end product. Here it is:

This works well in this little space, to the right of the cabinet is enough space for a wall hook for a robe or towel. I love that the cabinet only appears to be about 7 inches deep, but then when you open it, it is a full 12 inches deep…
Once again Team Hill concurs a home renovation successfully.
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Join my in prayer for the family’s of victims, and victims of the tragedy in Colorado this week.

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