Friday, August 17, 2012

The Final Few Weeks of Summer Vacation 2012

Here is ashot of me on the people mover at Pittsburgh Intrnational Airport, after dropping Brenda off at one of her many business trips this summer. She has been traveling a ton!

A picture of Bridget's nails, I actually painted both girls nails for my brother-in-laws wedding a couple of weeks ago. I know, forfeiture of my man card has happened again, and I would do it again and again to see the Hill girls smile like they did that day. Their jaws dropped when agreed to do it for them. All of those models I painted as a young boy paid off, finally... The things I will do for these girls. I love them, so!

This was taken at my parents house as we helped them prepare for their west bound move to Denver Colorado. She looks so dang mature. For those that read one of my previous posts asking for prayers for safe travels as my parents move, thank you. They successfully made it to their destination. Continued prayers are appreciated as my parents, my sister and her family will be adjusting and making another move to a new house that's in the area in a few weeks.

Since my Parents departure last week I have been concentrating on finishing Bethany's room. Here is a shot of the top portion all primed and the trim all painted.

Here are the colors the Bethany chose. I appreciate her selection. I just need to apply one more coat to the upper part of the wall, finish painting the doors, install padding and carpeting, hang doors and move her back into it, all before next Monday, the first day of school...

I know my posts have been few and far between, it has just been super, crazy busy!

God continues to bless us everyday! God is Good!

Thank for visiting my blog.

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