Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Birthday Celebration (My nephew, Derek turned 12 last week)

My nephew Derek,turned 12 last week. We got together with my sister and Derek on this past Sunday to celebrate the big day!! Keep them both as well as my Brother-in-law Dave, in your prayers. Dave is working in California and Lisa and Derek are moving to Colorado at the end of the month. It will be a big change but a good one, they will be close to My sister Lynette, and my Mom and Dad, and Dave will be able to commute on a more regular basis to see them being he won’t have to fly across the entire country. It’s a bitter sweet, I hate to see them go, but know that God is control here. We are just working through His plans. Here are some pictures of the celebration…

Bethany would not smile for me, so I continued to snap shots, she is in a phase where she likes to pose with a serious look, which I don’t care for…
She will probably be furious for posting these, but she will get over it, that’s what I do with photos.

Above is her preferred pose, and below is mine…
Below is Bridget’s shot, first shot every time.

On to my nephew with the girls.

Sit still Derek and Bridget, and Bethany would you please smile…

Well done Derek and Bridget, now will you please smile, Bethany…

Perfect…Thank You!

Above here we all are, with glass glare and all…We are going to miss you three.
Of course if I didn’t snap a couple of self portraits while the camera was being used, well that would not be me…see below:

Bridget with her tongue out in the above shot and below we have the perfectly timed turn of the head so Brenda does not get captured in the shot….I was not fast enough.
Happy Birthday Derek!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and have a blessed week!

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