Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Service Review: iRevamp Electronics Repair

If you remember back in late August I dropped my tablet on the garage floor. You can read about how it happened here. After about three weeks I found a service online that would repair the broken glass for around $140, in Chicago. The name of the place is iRevamp Electronics. They specialize in devices with glass touch screens, water damaged devices and they also recycle electronics.


At the time we did not have the extra cash to get it fixed, so it waited. Flash forward to about a month ago, my dear Sister and Brother-in-law slipped me a check as they were leaving on airplane to move to Colorado for the exact amount it would cost to get the device fixed. I was stoked, you can read how excited I was here.
The tablet left our little western Pennsylvania post office on October 10th and I received it back in eight days. It was Christmas in October, what can I say I am a kid in an adult’s body…
All was good until I looked closely at the screen, it had a slight haze around the corners, I immediately grabbed some paper towel and Windex, hoping they had just failed to clean it before they shipped it and when I was done wiping it off, they were still there. They actually looked like smudge marks on the inside of the glass. I powered up the device and when it was on you could not see any of the smudge marks, unless you were in a brightly lit room or outside in the sun. I really had to wonder, how did this get sent out looking like this??? I feared sending it back, wondering if it come back even worse? I tested the tablet out four about 10 hours, making sure it was working properly.
The next morning, I sent an email and within thirty minutes I had a response which included an apology and initiated the entire process over again. It shipped back out on October 19th. It arrived back to our door on the 26th. This time the repair was successful and I am glad to have the device back.
So all in all, I would recommend this service. It should have not taken two times to repair it, but David S. with iRevamp Electronics ultimately made it right.

As you can see above, when they sent it back, they included six of their business cards that are each good for a $5 discount on a repair. Do you thing they are worth $30 if I send them together with Bridget’s damaged iPod??? I’m sure that is not the reason they sent six of them to us…

If anyone is interested in getting something repaired, I can get one of these discount/business cards to you. They also informed me to use a discount code of “Chicago5” at check out to get a $5 discount on a repair, but that might have changed, a simple email to them will give you an updated code. Here are some links to the team at iRevamp Electronics.
Here is their website:
Here is their facebook page:
Here they are on twitter:

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