Monday, October 21, 2013

A Church Adventure: Reinstated…

Yes, the adventure has been reinstated. We have prayerfully set out on another Church Adventure. As the adventure is started back up, we have been to three different churches. A large/mega church, a local smaller church, and one in the mid sized range.
We spent two weeks at a large, or borderline mega church, where we all really like the pastor and his style while on stage, yes on stage. If we continued to attend this church, I don’t think I would ever get comfortable with the smoke machines coming on, right before the worship service started. You can imagine after worshipping with my fellow frozen/chosen Presbyterians, when the smoke started to roll in, I thought something was on fire…I had to reassure myself that it was okay, someone intended it to appear this way. The music was good, but still felt more like a concert than an actual worship service. I guess we are a bit old fashioned.
Our small church visit which was only one week, was okay. We did not walk away really talking about much, other then the fact that we sat next to Bridget’s School’s Principle and that there was something said during the service that just simple does not jive with our beliefs. I do remember that they sang one of my favorite songs, Natalie Grant’s Your Great Name.
We spent the last two weeks attending the middle sized church. Last week we worshipped in their blended service, without the girls. It was nice, but seemed a bit traditional for us, so yesterday we returned with the girls, but attended their contemporary service. It was nice as well. Their Associate Pastor is in the middle of a sermon series, that simply just is not getting my attention. We should probably revisit the Church once the Senior Pastor returns. We also noticed that their blended service this week was filled with more contemporary music.
So there you have it, the Church Adventure continues…
Are you curious what this Church Adventure is all about? You can find out more by clicking here.
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