Friday, November 1, 2013

A Church Adventure (with prayer request): “I love the horn!”

“I love the horn”, were my exact words as the praise band started. We visited a local medium sized church, that we also worshipped with during our original Church Adventure. We attended the contemporary service, an earlier 8:45 start time, was refreshing and seemed very organized. The music was good, I doubt it is any secret that music plays a huge part for us in our worship experience. The praise band was comprised of a drummer, a bass guitar, an electric guitar, two keyboardists, one flugelhorn, one saxophone and one clarinet, A lead singer, and backup singer. One man switched between the saxophone and clarinet, while one of the keyboardist shared the melody with the lead singer and ran harmonies. The addition of the horn and wind instruments, changes the dynamics and layers of the sound, that Brenda and I thoroughly enjoyed.
This time around the adventure is more of a challenge, as we try to find where our puzzle piece may fit. Of course that puts a different spin on things, as it may not be just a simple “one time” visit. I can tell that we are looking at things quite differently this time around. It is not easy, but as a family we are making it an adventure, with lots of prayer and discussion we will continue to check out different local churches. God has a plan for us, we know that, we embrace that. He is good, all of the time.
Could you please pray for my cousin Todd, he has been fighting Cancer for some ten years, and has had a real tough time of it lately. They recently found another tumor and he went to a specialist/surgeon in Boston, but they could not remove it as it was too aggressive. During his recovery from this most recent surgery, he has been having difficulties, they may be trying another round of radiation…Pray for a miracle, pray for Todd and his family, pray for his medical team as they move forward.
I don’t know and often don’t understand God’s plan, but I know it is Good!!
Thank you friends.
Have a Blessed day!

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