Monday, May 12, 2014

Product Review: Logitech – Illuminated Keyboard - K800

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The product I am reviewing this week is a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard Model #: K800. I purchased it last week from Best Buy.
My main reason for wanting one of the illuminated keyboard is mostly out of necessity. During my early morning Tech news reading, Facebook page stalking and Twitter feed scanning, I enjoy doing it with my large cup of coffee in mostly a dark environment. Up to my late 30’s I really never had a problem seeing my keyboard in this dark environment. Since turning 40, and getting glasses I have noticed that even mid day I have been struggling to see the exact keys I am attempting to press. Our most recent laptop/ultrabook purchases have included back lit keyboards, which I  originally  thought was overkill, but soon embraced this feature as again, my site is failing…aging is so much fun!!!
I researched some usb wired back lit keyboards and found them to be around $50 to $60, but they were hard to actually find, and I really didn't want to buy one without physically seeing it. So I turned to this one I found at Best Buy, It was actually an “Open Item”. It looked to not be the display unit, it still had cellophane on it’s surface and of course came with a full warranty. Most likely it was purchased and some one could not figure out how operate it, or did not like how it operated.
It is a Logitech Unifying wireless keyboard, which means you can connect several Unified devices to the usb micro receiver. AT first, I really did not want another device that would consume batteries, especially with the back lighting. Then I found that it was rechargeable, with removable rechargeable AA batteries. It’s specs show that the batteries may last up to 10 days, and upon testing it, I discovered that I am able to charge it while using it. One of the great features of this keyboard, is it has proximity detectors that sense your hands as they approach it and activates the back lighting and then a few seconds after typing it deactivates the back lighting to conserve battery life.
I have not had to charge it yet, and we are on day 9 of light daily use, and the battery gauge on it still suggests it is full. We will see how many days I get out of one charge.
This keyboard does what it states, illuminates the letters on the keys, so these aging eyes cans see what these fingers are typing. Below is the list of pros and cons, my only con is that I have  become comfortable with the chicklet layout of our laptops and ultrabooks and this is a conventional, layout. It really is not a show stopper, I have already gotten used to it.
  • Easy to connect and use.
  • Illuminates well.
  • Rechargeable even when in use.
  • Great responsiveness
  • Quiet typing.
  • Power Management using proximity detectors.
  • Easily stores on its back edge.
  • Not a chicklet layout.
Clearance price of this unit was $84.99 marked down from $99.99.

Update: I am still on the original charge of this unit and it is reflecting a full charge still, on day 18.

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