Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday #Selfie: Emotional Rollercoaster

This is a collage of selfies I would have taken this week but I was too busy searching for a dog. It has been a roller coaster of emotions…if you follow me anywhere in the social media arena, you know that I was dog watching Lindy and Sammy at the beginning of the week, and that one of the dogs I was watching escaped from our compound. Lindy is a sweet, gentle and loving dog, that decided to go on an adventure, without us. Lindy and Sammy belong to my mother-in-law. My in-laws and I have a relationship so far from typical, I often loose site of that fact. This event reminded me of how blessed we are. As we searched the neighborhoods and countryside around our dwelling, and we explained how I lost my mother-in-laws dog, the reaction of most of our community was quite amusing. A recap: I was better off dead, there is room in the dog house, I was being written out of the will, no-one wanted to wear my shoes…
When my Mother-in-law, returned and we were in the middle of the search her comforting words were simple, “I wish this hadn't happened to you.”  It still ate me up, after all it happened on my watch. During the first few hours of her escape, we spotted her twice. She stopped as she heard us call her name, and then ran in the complete opposite direction, It would have surprised me if she would of come to us without my mother-in-law calling her, she was still traveling. We then went a long 24 hours of not seeing her at all. Then 36 hours later, with a tip from Facebook of a sighting, we set out to search for her, with my mother-in-law this time. Searching until our eyes could not see in the dark of night, we traveled home and on the last leg of our road, there she was and she actually came to the arms of my mother-in-law…Thank You, God!!
Lindy, you scared me, you angered me, you filled me with anxiety, you humored me(we kept joking that you took up residence with one of the many herds of deer in our area), you provoked thought in this stubborn mind of mine, you made me cry(like a big baby), all of this and you probably had a blast!!!

I(We) prayed and He answered.

Lindy, I will not speak for anyone else, but I would do it all over again, if your mom will let you out of her sight.

Next time I promise to take you for a walk, you won’t have to make a go of it, on your own.

Christmas list for Lindy, Check!!!
Garmin GPS Dog Tracker

My lesson for the week for this stubborn mind of mine.
Have Faith, and Pray, He is listening!!!

Thanks for helping find Lindy. Whether you just kept your eyes open around your dwelling or while driving the roads of Western PA, or you shared the information on any of my numerous social media platforms. The Facebook tip is what got us out looking when we found her.

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a blessed weekend!!

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