Monday, August 18, 2014

A Church Adventure: Found it...

It's been a while since I have posted here, it's been a typical summer at the Hill household. We had a couple of camping trips earlier in the season and have spent some time at the pool, we have also continued in our Church Adventure. In looking back at my posts about our Church Adventure, I never really made it clear, that it eventually became a search for a new home church. I only reinstated the adventure, never really explained the details of why. 

Brenda and I had been praying about our church and our family in our church, we really struggled discerning God's direction. The thought of leaving our church family, where I was baptized as an adult, where Brenda attended as a child and teenager, and where we all grew so much in our faith and developed so many awesome relationships with our peers, was almost paralyzing, for myself anyways. I won't speak for Brenda, Bethany or Bridget.

Flash back to the summer of last year...There we were at a worship service leading into a Presbytery meeting hosted by our church, when the guest Pastor handed out one puzzle piece to each person in the congregation. Within her message, there was that moment, when she explained that it's okay that your  puzzle Piece just does not fit where you keep trying to place it...It was then that both Brenda and I looked at each other like a light bulb had just turned on. "A Church Adventure" was then "reinstated". For us, Discerning to start searching for a new home church was over. 

Back to present day...We have revisited a few churches since our visit at Dutilh Church Mars Campus back during the holidays and after considerable prayer, Dutilh Church Mars Campus is our new home church. We will certainly miss our church family at VPC, and the friends we have made there are dear to us. This search has been more difficult then I ever thought it would be, but with prayer and support from friends, church leaders and God's direction, we are excited for this new opportunity to love God, love others, and love to serve.

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