Friday, January 12, 2018

Product Review: Epson - ProSense 307 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Multisport Watch in Black

The initial setup of this unit, the Epson ProSense 307 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Multisport Watch in the color of black, was a breeze to start recording my movements, heartbeat and physical activities. The architecture of the watch's operating system is super easy to navigate, starting an activity is quick and efficient while starting GPS tracking if it's an outdoor activity and not if it's an indoor activity. The specs mention that it has smart notifications, but to successfully make them work I found that you have to leave the Epson View app open on my phone, which consumes battery while maintaining a bluetooth connection with the watch. I have opted to not use it like that. I disable the bluetooth on the watch and only turn it on at the end of the day to retrieve all of my activities data from the watch, this also conserves power so I don't have to charge it every night. To view my activities on the Epson View app is simple and concise. I would love to use it to track my sleep, but it's footprint is just a bit big and uncomfortable, I have yet to last a whole night with it staying on my wrist. I can't wait to use it for some hiking and some bike rides. I would suggest to any of my fitness oriented friends, as a great addition to their workouts, but not as a true smartwatch. It is definitely geared to the fitness tracking realm of things

What I like:
Easy to use
High contrast and Backlit display
It's own GPS
Easy to sync

What I don't like:
Smart notification limitations
It's pretty big

I am using this device with a Google Pixel and only had one failed connection issue when initially setting it up. On the second attempt it synced and has been since.

*I do have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or its manufacturer*

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