Thursday, January 11, 2018

Product Review: Nest - Secure Alarm System & Connect

This Security system by Nest was a pleasure to install. The directions were very easy and concise within it's app, even while installing the motion detectors and other peripherals. I was not sure this unit would provide ample coverage without needing to purchase more motion detectors. We have several entrance points on our main level. But with it's sensitivity, everything with this unit was enough to cover our entry points. This unit came with one Nest base unit. two Nest sensors(for door/window open or motion) and two Nest tags. I love that the tags can arm or disarm without having to enter a code. To my knowledge there are no monitoring options for this unit, but that is to come in the future, which means there are no monthly fees for it to work, and work well. The moment it does not see motion for a period it notifies you that it looks like no one is home, and asks if you would like to arm the system. I appreciate the fact that it is pet friendly, or at least dog friendly, our 15 pound Bishon/Poodle mutt has not set it off yet. I am a little disappointed that there is not more integration into the Google Home interface. I found several things that interface with the Nest thermostat, but not the Nest Secure??? If you are looking for this unit to alert you that a door or a window has opened immediately, this is not the unit you need. The shortest option for notification of a breach is 30 seconds. I am not sure why they would not include a night feature to enable instant notification. If I were installing this in my daughters home, or my parents home, I would want that type of a feature to be available. I may be missing something, in the software, but I feel I have seen other complaints about this.

Why I would recommend it:
Easy to install, and no monitoring fee.

This unit is one I would recommend to a friend with certain security needs, but this does not fulfill every security need.

Nest Connect.

This Nest Connect peripheral, allows to extend your Nest Secure digital security footprint. Keeping you Nest Secure system online even in a larger home. It was super easy to install, and does exactly what it states. I have had no connections issues since I installed it.

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