Thursday, November 19, 2015

Product Review - Insignia Sound Bar

Today I am writing a review for an Insignia 2.1 Channel Sound-bar with Wireless Sub-woofer, in black. This products model number is  NS-SB515 and can be purchased at BestBuy. This unit was very easy to install, It has two options for inputs, optical and rca. It also includes brackets built on and a template if you wish to mount it on a wall. The directions were drop dead easy to understand if you even needed them. Once installed, this unit has incredible sound for how small it is. I personally did not care for the additional DSP settings, but while in the standard mode sound was crisp with rich deep bass from it's sub-woofer. I wish it had more of a display, it only has one led for status indication. Other than a few minor things, this this Insignia sound bar with wireless sub-woofer is a great addition to any television set.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Random: Bonus Pot

So now that all the humans residing in the Hill's household are consuming coffee in the morning, I find myself at least having to brew an a additional cup of coffee with my french press. This morning I'm splurging and brewing a bonus pot of this coffee from Costa Rica. If anyone is interested in some good coffee for a great cause, stay tuned. I will follow up with some details of how you can support Bethany's mission trip to Costa Rica by purchasing some of these fine grounds.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Church Adventure - Healing Service

Wow, Facebook keeps telling me I have not posted to my blog in a while, today made it 68 days...

So here goes,
I continue to feel so blessed to be able to serve along side this great group of individuals at Dutilh. We all as a family look forward to any and all opportunities we have to grow in our faith and reach our surrounding community with this talented bunch. We are having our first Healing Service at Dutilh, Mars Campus ( New Day Campus) on this Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at 5pm. It is a #Healingservice for your body, mind and soul.

I would be kidding myself and you, if I did not include that I am anxiously excited, I have never participated in a Healing service, but await the presence of the Holy Spirit to collide with the Mars Campus of Dutilh this Saturday. 

My excitement over all the music we will be leading with, helps overcome any anxiety. I know, without a doubt that God created a love of music within me. Like it's part of my DNA. As I have mentioned before, we are part of the New Day Band. We lead worship every Saturday night with some absolutely amazing people!! We usually sing five songs, and usually by the fourth one, I get a little bummed that there is only one more...but this Saturday there is an opportunity to sing, sing, sing...I believe our abbreviated Worship set includes seventeen songs with the possibility of adding ten more. That just makes me a teenager consuming Mountain Dew.

So I encourage any of you to come out to worship on this Saturday for our Healing Service. We look forward to seeing you there.

There are actually more upcoming events at Dutilh, Mars Campus as well:

October 31st -  Trunk or Treat
November 21st -   Community Talent Show (Limited Spots)
December  11th - FREE Babysitting


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Unintentionally Random

I have a had my LG G3 for several months and absolutely enjoy using it. Sometimes it just amuses me when I take images and videos that are unintentional.

That's it for now, but I'm sure there will be more. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Brenda!

Happy 40th Birthday to my #BestFriend, #MyRock and #Love of my life. I am so very #blessed to have you in my life.

Friday, June 12, 2015

A Church Adventure: Light Bulb, Rocket Ship, Community Block Party.

About a month ago, Pastor Matt and I disassembled our church's (Dutilh, Mars-New Day) facade of organ pipes. Here is a before picture:
As you can see, some of them had already fallen down, one actually damaged a wedge monitor. So for safety and a new(fresh) look we removed them and the brackets that held them...
The curtains are going to replaced, there had been mention of blue with an optional projection material, in case we ever want to reverse project something on the curtained area. I was amazed at how much space is up there. The pipes were placed in a storage room for someone to haul them to a scrap yard. Last week we got the thumbs up and I offered to take care of it. Brenda and I were discussing some of the stuff we are doing to get prepared for our Block Party at Dutilh, Mars Campus (aka New Day), which coincidentally happens to be on the same weekend of Mars New Year celebration. I was joking around saying I needed to scrap the pipes and that I may need to strap a couple to the top of the van and it would like a missile or a rocket. LIGHT BULB goes off over Brenda's head....emails went out, but while we waited for the nod, (not even an hour) we were over at the church sizing up the pipes for our Rocket Ship.
and bringing them home with us...
Brenda and I work well together, although we don't always see eye to eye, and not because she is almost a foot shorter than me, but mostly we tend to be opinionated and stubborn. But as with any other project we put our minds and souls together to work on, this one would become a successful venture. As usual Brenda and the girls brained stormed while I grunted. We started with the rough form...
Standing at just under 12 ft., we figured go big or go home, right? At this point we weighed out our options and decided it needed more pipes, and I was not happy with the engine placement. The next day with some fresh paint and some slight modifications we ended with what maybe looked like a rocket and some rocket parts...
By day three, we set out to have it all together and ready for lettering. We managed the self set goal pretty well...

 Day four we were poolside, and afterwards ran to several different Lowe's to find all of the peel and stick letters we needed for it's label, "Science Reveals God".  With the girls help, we did have enough time that evening(last-night) to install the lettering and figure out a stand we would use in the front lawn of the church...(Notice, Bethany Photo Bombing)
This morning Brenda and I were able to deliver and install the built rocket ship, to help promote our Block Party at Dutilh, Mars Campus (aka New Day), on June 20th from 3-5 PM there will be free food, games, and more, the worship will begin at 5 p.m. with special guest speaker Bob Hoskins on "Science Reveals God." We are really excited about out 1st Block Party at our new church! Oh and for our regular readers of the blog and specifically this Church Adventure, our entire family joined Dutilh Church this past weekend! We could not be happier with where God placed us through this adventure! God is good, all of the time!!

We were also able to make a trip to the scrap yard with all of the other pipes that were removed from the chancel area. We had a pretty productive week here at the Hill Household, for the first week of summer vacation.

Thanks for visiting the blog and have a blessed weekend!!