Photos on Friday - Week in Review

This week Brenda's Mom took the girls on a vacation to Hershey Park. Brenda and I enjoyed some quality time together. Sunday we ate dinner at The Dive Bar in Wexford, it was a nice environment to talk over a couple of beers, even if the ones we chose were not very good. We talked through the bitter beer faces, and enjoyed  a couple of sandwiches. While the girls were gone I was watching  the dogs again and this time Lindy took a walk without needing to break out and have go of it herself...

We also dropped the gas guzzlin' pig off for a state inspection, which enabled me to drop off Brenda at work and have dinner with her when I went down to pick her up. I was able to go done a little early and take in some free music and a walk in downtown Pittsburgh. I really do enjoy our city.

We ate at RedBeards. Another great night of discussion and brew (better brew for sure)...and our gas guzzlin' pig passed another year of inspection. Woot, woot! The girls had a wonderful time with their Grammy, and Brenda and I enjoyed some us time!!! Thanks Lori!!

We are now enjoying some pool time,as I create this little blogpost.
It's almost a private pool again...
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Video Thursday - Magic! "RUDE (The Dad's Side of the Story)"

Love the harmonies by his wife!!!

If you don’t see the video, click this:


Another great picture of my Dad’s Siblings, taken in July of 1995, at our wedding. From left to right, Aunt Mary, Dad, Uncle Bernie, Uncle Harry, Uncle Maynard, Aunt Vi, and Uncle Larry.

Funny Friday - Books

I find it funny that two of these books were placed together on the book shelf at the book store…I’m sure both are pretty good reads.

#TBT - My Dad's Siblings

These were taken in June of 1990, at my High School Graduation Party. It did not quite capture my sigh of relief...I really could not wait to get out of high school.

From left to right: Uncle Maynard, Uncle Bernie, My Dad, Uncle Harry, Me, Uncle Larry, and Uncle Ronnie. 

Below is a shot of my Dad and all of his siblings.

From left to right, My Dad, Uncle Maynard, Uncle Larry, Aunt Mary, Uncle Harry, Aunt Viola, and Uncle Bernie.