Monday, September 1, 2014

Bethany and Brenda

Bethany & Brenda

I took this back on Easter Sunday. I'm not sure why I did not post it, but I am glad I found it. A nice picture of two of my girls!!

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A Night Out

Night Out

Last night Corbin-Hanner performed their last gig at Jergel's Rhythm Grill. Lori (my Mother-in-law), Brenda and I went to the show. Brenda and I had been to Jergel's before for their house band, Father Time. It has great atmosphere for live entertainment and the food is good, without being overpriced. We did learn a valuable lesson, when going there for live entertainment, especially a band that has any sort of a following. Get there early. Door's opened at 5, we got there at 5, we heard someone say people started to line up around 4. There was standing room only, minus a handful of reserved tables. We were able to nestle up to a ledge behind the stage on the second floor, where we ate and where I captured the one shot of the night. It was a fun night, with two lovely ladies, listening to some great music. Oh, and I scored points, and grabbed a few free Cd's the band handed out, for Lori!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Product Review: Netflix

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We are little late to the party but a few months ago, we subscribed to Netflix. We started with the trial month, and continued for one additional month. The girls used it quite a bit on their ultra books, and their devices. We also would stream it onto our TV, via the Google Chromecast that I did a mini review of, back in the month of December.

The quality of the stream as far as clarity was beyond what I expected. We also experience virtually no buffering, which actually surprised me. The technology that is going on in the little Chromecast is simply amazing. The content on the other hand, was just so so. We watched some decent movies, and we watched some horrible movies. We binge watched several TV shows, but have a hard time justifying the $8.99 per month, which gave us the ability to watch unlimited videos in HD and on two screens at a time. All in all, it is a pretty good deal if you are a TV watcher. I can see where a family could justify this service, if you watch a few OnDemand movies or 9 RedBox movies in a month, Netflix is comparable cost wise and gives you unlimited streaming access to their library of videos. I assume the other devices that stream Netflix are just as drop-dead simple as the Google Chromecast.

I would suggest this service to Friends and Family.

*There are other pricing options for various levels of viewing.

**I have no material connection with this manufacturer or supplier.**

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Duck Faces (#TBT)

Duck Faces Throw Back Thursday
Some serious "Duck Faces"

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