Friday, September 23, 2016

#youaremore #tenthavenuenorth

Fantastic lyrics of a great song by a great band. #youaremore #tenthavenuenorth

#saturdaysetlist Week 3 of "The Truth About You" #marspa #dutlihumc

Worship starts at 5pm at our Dutilh Mars Campus. #saturdaysetlist 

Product Review: Netgear - Orbi Wireless-AC3000 Wifi System

This is the NetGear Orbi Wireless - AC3000 Wifi System

It retails for $399.99 at Bestbuy.

Installation of this unit was a breeze.

This unit looks nothing like a typical router.
I installed it on my existing mesh network. It works flawlessly as would be expected from Netgear. I could not log in to my router with the Netgear Genie, but that might be because I'm using it as an access point. It does lack a guest network, but I was informed that it is on the way in it's next update by end of year (2016).
I use the node analogy for this unit. You have a main node that connects to your network, and then you have a remote node that you can place any where in your house where you can provide power to it. When connected to the orbi wifi system, It will automatically switch you to the node with the strongest signal. Thus eliminating any dead zones in your wifi system. This unit is a little pricey, but for an easy to install mesh network, this unit is worth the money.

** I have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or its manufacturer. **

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Product Review: Rand McNally Overdryve 7

This unit, Rand McNally's Overdryve OD7, is quite the setup. I will start my review with my opinion of pros for the device:The quick disconnect feature of it's mount get's an A+. It's has two rows of twelve contact points that make a connection while super strong magnets do all the holding. So when you take the GPS(Tablet) with you it's a breeze. The persistent accuracy of this unit is incredible. They achieve this by having not only the GPS radio that is built into most tablets these days, but on the base of the mount there is a secondary GPS radio with it's own antenna. This means there is no waiting to acquire satellite signal as long as the (mount)base remains powered up. This unit not only has wifi, but it also has bluetooth with a tethering option. The speaker that is built in to the mount is very adequate and works well for both turn by turn directions and it works well as a speaker phone while connected to your cell phone. I was able to download waze, and use it as my navigation software.This unit falls a little short in the following areas:Voice recognition on the installed Rand Mcnally navigation software does not measure up to Google Maps, or Waze. I tried using it several times and resorted to typing my destination in, and to use voice recognition with the unit, it had to have an internet connection. This device does not have any Google Play Services and actually will not let you install them, which makes most of any googles apps not run. This is a major let down, as I wouldn't mind to view an occasional email on this (of course not while I'm driving), it would be awesome to be able to pull up all of my playlists within Google Play Music. There is a workaround, download chrome and use the browser to stream from your account.Here is how I use the Overdryve by Rand McNally. I downloaded the Waze app onto it, I tether my 4G internet from my phone to it over bluetooth, because bluetooth consumes less power on my phone. Overall this unit is a very powerfull GPS. It would be a must if you drive truck, or drive an RV. It pays attention to road weight limits and bridge height restrictions. When connected to the internet, having the real time traffic is just amazing.This unit is a little pricey at $399.99, plus $29.99 for the bean bag dash pad. But if you fall into the category of a truck driver, or rv driver, it's probably worth it. If it had or offered Google Play Services and wasn't so expensive I would have giving it the fifth star.

You can Pre-order over at BestBuy for $399.99.

** I have a material connection regarding this piece of equipment or its manufacturer. **

Saturday, September 10, 2016

"The Truth About You"

Today at 5:00 PM at our Dutilh Mars Campus, Pastor Tom Parkinson will be starting a seven week preaching series called "The Truth About You." The Series will focus on seven fundamental biblical truths about who we are as children of God. Here is a video talking about this new series:

In the image below is our #saturdaysetlist:

We also will be having our Fall Ministry Kickoff after worship starting at 6:00 PM, see the flyer below. Come join us for some great food and fellowship.
This great sermon series and fall ministry kick off is not only happening at our Mars Campus, but is also offered over at our Cranberry Campus. There are three services to choose from, 8:15 (Classic), 9:45 (Contemporary), 11:00 (Classic). The Kickoff starts at 10:45. 

Random: (Video) #snapchatsaturday

Just some of my favorite snaps in the past few weeks. If you and I snap, this will just be a repeat of what you already saw in my story.

Thanks for watching the silliness... come join me!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Change The World in Three Easy Ways #saturdaysetlist #marspa #dutilhumc

This week at Dutilh Mars Campus We will be discussing with Pastor Jim how we can Change the World in Three ways. Come discuss and sing His praises with us at 5PM tomorrow(Saturday).
*The #saturdaysetlist in the photo above is for the Mars service.

The discussion/sermon and worship will continue on Sunday at our Dutilh Cranberry Campus at these three services:

8:15am (Classic Worship)
9:45am (Contemporary Worship)
11:00am (Contemporary Worship

We would love to see you at any one of those services, but if you can't, log into our Dutilh Online Campus at 9:45am.